Brian O'Mahoney

"The light pop musical elements are appropriate and entertaining.  The original title/hook is outstanding.  And the melody conveys the emotional tone of the words.  It's a pleasure to hear this level of songwriting." 

-Judging panel for the 2014 Great American Songwriting Contest on my song "Lighthouse"

My strongest musical accolade is my ability to write pop songs (melody and lyrics).  All of the songs found on the homepage are completely written, sung, and produced by me. Songs I consider to be my best are not listed on my websites, but I will gladly share them with those interested.

When I write songs, they are typically very pop/hook oriented, with lyrics that are relatable, but not vapid.

With my production, I try to stick to a format that is pop-friendly, but I enjoy pushing that boundary when the song calls for it.


My name is Brian O'Mahoney (pronounced Oh-Man-E).  I am 22 years old. I am a singer, songwriter, and producer of pop songs.

Calling music my passion does not accurately describe my relationship with it.  Music is my obsession.   

Instruments: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Synth

About Me

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